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Welcome to the Cumbrae Sensory Trail

You may have been to Millport, but have you experienced Cumbrae?


Image of Cumbrae, in the rainThousands of people have fond memories of holidays and trips to Cumbrae. For many, however, their visits have centred on the town of Millport, with the rest of this unspoilt and unusual island going unnoticed.

With the Cumbrae Sensory Trail we invite you to rediscover Cumbrae and experience a special sensory treat.


Image of Cumbrae Island
The Sensory Trail will take you around Cumbrae's 11-mile coastline, giving you the opportunity to delight in the island's nature and wildlife, sandy bays and pebble beaches, sea life and beautiful scenery.

Image of Cumbrae PortThere are five Sensory Point Markers on the Trail where you can pause to indulge and stimulate your senses in peaceful and calming surroundings. With the help of our audio guide, see, taste, smell, touch and listen to aspects of Cumbrae and relax and unwind through this enjoyable and invigorating sensory experience.


River in Cumbrae
The Cumbrae Sensory Trail can be enjoyed all year round, with the different seasons offering their own unique charm, from the seal colony in winter, to primroses and bluebells in spring, orchids and wild flowers in summer and a glorious display of colour in autumn.

Beautiful Cumbrae Landscape

Just like the seasons, the weather will appeal to visitors differently too - from the bracing winds fresh off the Irish Sea and waves crashing off rocks, to wonderful views around the Firth of Clyde and the most beautiful sunsets.

The Hills of Cumbrae
You can cycle, walk or drive around the Cumbrae Sensory Trail. All markers are near the roadside, apart from Farland Point which is a short, but level walk.

Look out for the ball at the top of the Sensory Point Markers - touch all five and take with you the gift of luck from the Islanders!

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